This is a brand new exercise! DanceFitWalk was created to bring people out of themselves by encouraging self-expression, individuality and wholeheartedness, thru DanceWalking, Fitness and Nutritional awareness.  

Dreams don’t have expiration dates. Most people in this country are or feel that they are overweight. They dream of changing it, but hesitate to start because working out is a drudgery and not fun.



The mission of DanceFitWalk, a self empowering fitness movement, is to transform the diminishing health consciousness of society’s modern lifestyle-particularly our youth-into a culture that exudes a higher quality of life by way of physical and nutritional awareness, self expression, and wholeheartedness resulting in an enhanced ability to achieve one’s dreams.


Welcome and thank you for coming to the DanceFitWalk page! You will be among the first people in the world to be a part of a new wave that is sure to be a phenomenon! By joining our mailing list you will become a member of the DanceFitWalk (DFW) family and hear about our workouts. 

By combining the creativity of dance, with the benefits of walking, as well as core-work and high intensity interval training and inspired by multicultural music, DanceFitWalk is a program designed to deliver total body fitness and well-being in a fun, encouraging and self-expressive atmosphere, better preparing people to fulfill their dreams no matter what their limitations are. 

DFW is open to people of all levels of fitness. You just do your best and forget the rest. You do not have to be a trained dancer or very athletic to be a part of this.

Richard Lawson and the DanceFitWalk Team



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