This is a brand new exercise! DanceFitWalk was created to bring people out of themselves by encouraging self-expression, individuality and wholeheartedness, thru DanceWalking, Fitness and Nutritional awareness.  

Meet the DanceFitWalk Core Team


Cobette, Richard, Morgan & Kristin 


My journey has been a fascinating one, filled with the highest highs and the lowest lows. I’ve had a fabulous career as an actor, teacher, director, inventor, public speaker, expert in the field of drug education, training, treatment and aftercare, interventionist and patented inventor. I have recently added Physical Fitness expert and nutritional consultant.



For most of my career, I was physically fit and often referred to as a leading man, stud, hunk, ladies man, etc. Over the years I let things slip. A few years ago, I stepped on the scale and couldn’t believe what I saw. The digital readout said 280lbs. My lab work confirmed that I was approaching diabetic numbers and my blood pressure was slightly elevated. I was shocked and appalled. I knew I had to do something…quickly. I always worked out, but on very inconsistent basis and with no real sense of purpose and a lack of information and consciousness of proper nutrition

Fortuitously, I went to a convention that Dr. Oz was the featured speaker. He changed my life. I finally heard and took to heart, things that I heard before but he put it in a perspective that I was ready to hear. I changed the way that I ate, slept, and consumed water. I got informed. 



About the same time, I discovered something that excited me. Dancewalking. I immediately saw the opportunity to create something that would keep me focused on my own recovery and at the same time, create an exciting, fun and effective workout program that had a structure to it. A program that will help people to shape, tone, build endurance, inspire them to express themselves while gaining confidence through dance and muscle confusion exercises. A unique indoor/outdoor physical fitness party like no other.

I have lost 60lbs so far and I have about 15lbs to go.


Consistently staying active has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  My father played football for the Cincinnati Bengals, while my mother was a gymnast and dancer and introduced me to it all.

I followed their footsteps at an an early age.  I began dancing rigorously and joined a Competition Dance team.  My competitive and athletic side was alway present too, whether it was competing in Track & Field or being a University of Illinois Varsity Cheerleader, I always stayed active.  My love for dance spilled over into musical theater, where I began acting as well, which is what initially brought me to LA.  Since being here, I have continued to study at dance studios such as Debbie Reynolds, Millenium Dance Complex, and the Edge.

While all of these activities were great and kept me on a tight fitness schedule, I later found myself less motivated to keep up this disciplined lifestyle when the competition season had ceased.  I realized my entire fitness journey wasn’t about wanting to be in good shape to live a better life for me; it was driven by pleasing my coaches, my team, and ultimately other people.  I even threw myself into Unhealthy practices (crash diets, weight loss pills, and even bulimia) to get back and keep the body that I once had.  I knew I had to make a change in my life...educate myself on proper nutrition and fitness, and most importantly, find my purpose behind what I was doing without being driven by people.

I began seeking comfort & joy in something more than my trophies, medals, and the sound of applause, and really began seeking God more in my life.  “The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me” Psalm 28:7.  It's no coincidence to me that, at this time, I got the help I needed...DanceFitWalk.  For me, this was everything I wanted.  It infused dance, resistance work, and gave me a team that wasn’t driving me to be the best to help them, but FOR ME!  Being part of the DFW team has changed my life.

I fell in love with the program and it fueled me to not only be part of the DFW team, but to work on my own fitness goals and even study to be a trainer so I can help others reach their goals and find their purpose as well.


It was a film project that I brought to Richard's acting class that sparked the idea for him to develop DFW. I joined the team to change my life and help change the lives of others.

DanceFitWalk has completely transformed my life. I love to dance but I have never had any formal training, and I was never really consistent with fitness. DanceFitWalking gives me an intense, full body workout. It's so much fun, I am more health conscious and I have developed myself as a dancer! 

Being a leader of DanceFitWalk inspires me to come out of my shell. My favorite part is the freedom of expression I get while participating.  Anyone can do it! You get to have fun and dance it out to great music, shape your body, wear fun fashion all while exercising. It is the most fun I have doing a workout. I'm so happy to be on the journey of really transforming my life to be more fit, more self expressed and more alive than ever.


I was born May 30, 1963 and grew up in Compton, California. I was a competitive bodybuilder from the age of 16 through 21. I attended Centennial High School and after graduation I attended El Camino College. I started personal training at the age of 22 at Matrix 1 Fitness complex in Beverly Hills; where I worked for two and a half years. From there I went on to work at Mezzaplex Fitness in West Los Angeles for two years as an elite trainer. In 1994 I started work as a professional trainer at Paramount movie studios in Los Angeles.

Paramount is where I began my celebrity fitness training with top name clientele. For the next eight years,  I worked with actors such as Denzel Washington, Vince Vaughn, John Singleton, Regina king, Salli Richardson, Tyrese Gibson, Paul Walker, Richard lawson, Robert Townsend, Taraji P. Henson, Cole Houser. I've also worked with great musicians like Harvey Mason and Lee Whitenhour. My training has allowed me to work in four other countries such as Canada, South Africa, India, and Brazil. I am currently an ISSA certified personal trainer in Las Vegas, Nevada at City Atlantic Club.

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